Xi Alpha Omega History

During the year of 1979, Soror Maye Hutson made several inquires to the National Office and the Regional Director of South Central regarding the establishment of a second graduate chapter in Houston. At Soror Velma Dotson’s request in June 1981, Soror Jewell Phillips and Soror Maye Hutson met again and an application was requested from the Regional Director. Soror Phillips invited Sorors Anglin, Ware, Cook, Drummer, Johnson and Harris to meet as a group to start the process of a second graduate chapter. From this group, the name “Graduate Interest Group” was adopted with Soror Maye Hutson being chosen as Chairperson; Soror Evelyn Ware, Secretary; Soror Jewell Phillips, Treasurer; and Soror Opal Cook was chosen as Historian.

The Graduate Interest Group contacted other Sorors that would be interested in becoming a part of the Group. Over 30 Sorors were interested and attended meetings of the Interest Group from the ranks of active and inactive Sorors.

In August 1981, Soror Dorothy Johnson, South Central Regional Director and Soror Faye B. Bryant, First Supreme Anti-Basileus were invited to meet with the Group at a luncheon at the Marriott Hotel-Braeswood. The Group presented all necessary materials to the Regional Director at this luncheon meeting. Based upon review by the Regional Director and approval of the Directorate, The First Supreme Anti-Basileus suggested the date of December 6, 1981 for chartering a second graduate chapter in Houston.

On Sunday, December 6, 1981, Xi Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered and twenty-seven (27) Sorors became charter members. The chartering ceremony was held at the Shamrock Hilton Hotel followed by a lovely luncheon highlighted with Dr. Leonard Spearman as speaker at which time a $500 scholarship was presented to Texas Southern University. The first officers of the Chapter having been elected at a prior meeting of the Group, with Soror Evelyn Ware as the first Basileus, were installed on December 6, 1981.

After Xi Alpha Omega was chartered, in a subsequent meeting, the Chapter selected the following members of the Graduate Interest Group as Charter Organizers of the Chapter: Velma Dotson, Maye Frances Hutson, Jewell Phillips, Jurleen Drummer, Betsy Johnson, and Evelyn Ware.


Charter Organizers

Maye F. Hutson* Velma Dotson* Betsy Johnson*
Jurleen Drummer* Jewell Phillips* Evelyn Ware*


Charter Members

Andrea Adams B. Besselle Attwell Arvis Barlow
Maye F. Hutson* Bernadette Lewis* Jewell Phillips*
Jessyetene Reaux* Patricia Scott Evelyn Ware*
Jonetta Bonner Linda Knight Burkley Velma Dotson*
Iris Jeffries Betty Mitchell Yvonne Phillips Dupree
Selma Reed M. Helene Taylor Schelda Williams
Norma Brown* Agnes Deese Jurleen Drummer*
Betsy Johnson* Peggy Morgan* Frankie Raibon*
Arnita Robinson* Arnita Wallace* Jacqueline Lindsey